Non-invasive lip serum set that work like temporary lip fillers

We had a passionate desire to create products that make good on their promise. Working with a licensed pharmacist, we also had the pharmaceutical expertise to make it happen. The result: the revolutionary 4D LIP INJECTOR SET. Without needles, this exclusive 3-step lip serum set creates results that last for several hours and equals the results of lip injections – hence the name.

“I know from experience what happens if a product isn’t safe. That is why we placed such importance on safety– as well as effectiveness.”
– Roza Hosnavi, owner MOOY Clinics

About our 4D Lip Injector Set: lip plumpers that work

In Dutch we say “Jij bent mooi!”, which translates to “You are beautiful!”. And surely, we all want to feel that way. That’s why more and more women opt for esthetic procedures, such as permanent or temporary lip fillers. Unfortunately, I know from experience that these come at a risk. They are also very expensive. On the other hand, non-invasive products promise great results, but generally deliver none. Lip plumpers that work are hard to come by. And a lip serum that creates the effect of lip injections is unheard of. But not anymore…because this is where MOOY Clinics comes in.

If it hadn’t worked, we wouldn’t sell it!

We spent many years testing and improving our lip plumpers. That’s because we insisted on creating a lip serum set with proven results. We know what it’s like to get your hopes up, only to be disappointed when a product doesn’t work. MOOY Clinics differentiates itself by selling the first revolutionary lip plumpers that work. For real!

Delivered worldwide and sold at a fair price, we dare you to try this exclusive lip enhancement at home.

Evidence-based lip plumpers that work: watch the video for proof.

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From a horrible experience…

We say: `You are beautiful the way you are. We merely wish to amplify your beauty`. That´s why we call ourselves MOOY Clinics: with a playful nod to the Dutch word for ‘beautiful´ (‘mooi’), we offer lip plumpers that work, and have a full range of other beauty products coming up.

MOOY Clinics didn´t happen overnight. In fact, it started way back in 2009, when I took the decision to have lip fillers. I was 20 and desperately wanted fuller lips. A plump pout to complete my look. Self-confidence. But non-invasive lip plumpers that actually work are virtually non-existent, and before long, the only solution I saw was to undergo plastic surgery. Although I had opted for temporary lip fillers, I was advised permanent ones called Bio Alcamid, as my lips were simply too small, according to the doctor. He also said that the product could be removed if I was not satisfied. This last promise was all I needed to hear to give it a go.

The result was disastrous.

Not only was the effect disappointing. The filler got stuck above my lip and would move around. Two years into the procedure, I developed pains. Removal was not an option anymore, since the fillers had become encapsulated. Surgery would result in permanently misshapen lips. It took me years to slowly get rid of them. Years in which I ran the risk of infections and suffered constant skin irritation. Years, also, in which my plan took shape to develop a safe, non-invasive product that truly works.

“We didn’t stop until we had developed a lip serum set that actually creates the effect of lip fillers – without injections. It’s the first of its kind!”
– Roza Hosnavi, owner MOOY Clinics

…to revolutionary lip plumpers that really work

My name is Roza Hosnavi. I take pride in being honest and open about my road towards lip plumpers that work. My team and I wish to add to natural beauty and treasure the diversity that is brought about by accepting that we are beautiful the way we are.

Due to our work in medical wholesale, we frequently come across women who suffer beauty problems. We have seen their insecurity. We have witnessed their quest for a solution. And we have seen their struggle when a product fails to provide one.

Simply put, if you buy something, it should work. It is this passion that has driven us towards developing a revolutionary lip serum set that delivers the same results as lip injections: it offers true lip enhancement at home. We can’t wait for you to try it!

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